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Innovative Design Makes the Raytechshaw Faceter Easy to Use


One feature that makes the Raytech Shaw Faceter unique is its removable handpiece. While other faceters require you to rotate the stone while it stays attached to the mast for examination, the Raytech Shaw handpiece sits on a precision table and is simply lifted up for easy examination of the stone.

In a commercial cutting operation, the handpiece can be easily passed from one operator to the next.

Expert gem cutters have used the Raytechshaw faceter to cut some of the worlds finest gemstones.

Customer Comments

 "This is the only faceting machine any professional gemcutter or hobbyist should use, because of its freedom, effortless handling, and cutting precision.

This machine will save you money on every stone you cut."

Joseph Mark Krivanek, G.G.
AGTA Cutting Edge Award Winner (x2)
American Gemcutter Association Award Winner
20 years of professional gem cutting