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The Deluxe Package includes one 6inch 260 diamond lap, one 6 inch 600 Nubond lap, one 6 inch 1200 Nubond lap, one 6 inch Lucite lap, and 3 each spectra polishing laps (Cerium Oxide, Tin Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, and Chrome Oxide), and is priced at $2,195.00.

The Basic Package does not include any laps, and is priced at $1,949.95.

Both packages include a water pot, drip pan, transfer jig, 7 dops, dop wax, and a handpiece with one 96 index gear and one 8 tooth facet finder.

We also provide accessories including grinding wheels, depth indicators, and gauges.

To order either of the packages or any accessories, simply email specifying the package or parts you are interested in along with your name, address, phone, email and the best time to reach you.

We appreciate you business and assure you prompt, courteous service.