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Louis Eaton Shaw invented and patented the Scott Faceter in 1961. Originally the J. Scott Company manufactured the equipment.  Years later, Raytech Industries was granted manufacturing rights, and the name was changed to the Raytech Shaw.  In 1974 the equipment was modernized (U.S. Patent # 2,724,220)

In August of 2006, Scott Manufacturing acquired the rights to produce and distribute the equipment and has been producing and distributing the faceter ever since. Rick Scott, the owner of Scott Manufacturing, is an experienced faceter and has a deep appreciation for the art of faceting. He has worked closely with some of the worlds leading cutters to improve quality and make the RayTech Shaw faceter an even better value.

Recent changes have been well received in the industry. We are continually working to improve quality - our goal is to produce the highest quality faceter on the market.