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Features and Benefits


Instant changeover from right to left hand operation by simply moving the water pot to the alternative mounting hole and flicking the motor reversing switch.

Speeds of 50 To 1,000 RPM can be set by turning controller knob. Durable ball bearing arbor is driven by permanent magnet motor. Direction reversible. 230-Volt and 50 Hz models available for European use.

Exclusive facet finder speeds indexing while eliminating mistakes. Index a brilliant facet in less than one second even with your eyes closed. During cutting, an ordinary 57-facet brilliant is commonly indexed 200-400 times. The facet finder eliminates all these chances for error and the search for the correct index tooth.

Threaded handwheel raises and lowers platform (where handpiece rests) quickly, easily, and precisely.

Rotational adjusting collar permits precise alignment when re-doping, and re-cutting damaged stones.

Lightweight, heat-treated, precision-ground anodized aluminum, available in 33-sizes-7 included with machine. Dop is retained with a knurled nut; no tools required. Side pin pulls into V-notch for absolute repeatability.

Unique transfer jig uses side pins on dop to automatically align crown and pavilion facets. Mechanical precision determines facet alignment. Vertical action eliminates gravity sag. Capable of cutting 1 mm, to 50 mm stones.